4 TipsTo Ensure A Good Night’s Sleep

4 TipsTo Ensure A Good Night’s Sleep

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With an estimated 45 per cent of Australians suffering from poor sleep patterns, it’s no wonder that sleep deprivation is becoming a national epidemic. Tiredness not only leads to irritability, it can also lower your productivity, which can have a huge impact on your work and livelihood. Persistent fatigue has even been shown to have negative effects on your mental health, so it is a condition which should be treated seriously and dealt with directly. The dangers of sleep deprivation are also apparent in the prevalence of accidents resulting from tired drivers not functioning fully. If you’re feeling drained and lethargic due to a lack of sleep, here are a few tips to get you back on track.

  1. Put Down Your Phone

It may be tempting to check your emails or social media one last time before you sleep, but research shows that staring at your phone just before bedtime has a hugely negative impact on your ability to sleep. The light of your screen switches your brain into daytime mode, making it difficult to shut down and prepare for sleep. It is recommended that you put down your mobile phone half an hour before you try to sleep to avoid this phenomenon. 

  1. Read A Novel

If you want to wind down before bed, try reading a book instead of scrolling through Facebook. Fictional novels are a great way to distract your mind from the troubles of your day, allowing you to escape and switch off, whilst looking at the pages is far kinder on your brain than staring at a bright screen.

  1. Get Comfortable

Many people underestimate the importance of a comfortable sleeping space. Your mattress and pillows have a huge effect on your sleep quality, so these should not be something you scrimp on. Your ability to sleep uninterrupted through the night relies upon having a mattress that suits you. Memory foam is a material which moulds to your body, allowing your spine to sit naturally, so this is a great option for a comfortable sleep. You can purchase a memory foam mattress online, but it’s a good idea to buy from a company that allows a trial period so that you can test the mattress out for yourself before you commit. 

  1. Relax Your Mind

Many of us find ourselves lying awake at night as our minds churn over all of our problems and anxieties. In order to combat this, it’s a great idea to take up meditation, so that you can dedicate some quiet time to mulling over these issues rather than letting them take over your sleep time. It also helps if you write out a list of everything you are concerned about and imagine that you are pouring it out of your mind onto the paper. Go back to the list in the morning to combat anything you are able to then, rather than losing sleep over it.

Sleep deprivation is no joke. It can cause real issues, which for many of us impact negatively on our daily lives. By following these simple tips, you can be on the road to some decent shuteye in no time.

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