4 Simple Yet Smart Kitchen Renovation Ideas to Make Your Space Better

Kitchen Renovation Ideas

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A kitchen sees a lot of activity in a modern home which is why it’s necessary to improve its functionality. You can customize various elements of your space to make it more efficient based on your needs. In today’s blog post, we’ll share some simple yet smart kitchen renovation ideas to help you make this room easier to live and work in.

1. Determine the Right Layout for Your Space

 The efficiency of your kitchen is improved automatically when you choose the right layout for the available space. The work triangle meaning the distance between the cooking area, the sink, and the refrigerator should be appropriate. For example, place the refrigerator near the entrance of the kitchen as it’s frequently used.

Also, if you’re planning to install new kitchen cabinetry, you need to consider several factors including your storage needs, the various functions of your kitchen, and the style you want to create. Depending on the area available in your room, you can choose an L-shaped, U-shaped, galley or an island layout. Consult a professional kitchen designer or hire a reputed kitchen design company in Toronto, Brampton or Vaughan if you reside in the GTA. They can help you select the right layout to ensure that you make the most of your space.

2. Maximize Storage 

Some smart storage solutions can help you make the room more organized and spacious. If you have good ceiling height, opt for stacked upper cabinets. Utilize corners with corner drawers and/or appliance garages to get additional storage space. Keep your drawers organized and make the most of every inch by using dividers, trays, roll-out shelves, etc. You can also get a customized kitchen island with in-built storage space for cookware, dishware, linen, etc. Complementing the style of your room, you can choose an island that comes with doors and drawers to hide items or one that displays open shelves. Learn more about creative storage solutions for your kitchen.

3. Invest in Appealing Backsplashes

 Backsplashes play a major role in the visual appeal of your kitchen besides protecting the wall above the counter. They offer excellent opportunities to express your personal style and aesthetic taste without breaking the bank. There are several backsplash materials available these days such as glass, mirror, ceramic tile, porcelain tile, stainless steel, wood, and lots more. Choose one that complements the countertop, flooring, cabinets, and the rest of your room décor.

4. Install Luxe Lighting Fixtures 

Besides flooring, the first thing that we notice when we walk into a kitchen is the ceiling light. Shop for some stunning lighting fixtures that match the style of your space, whether it’s traditional, rustic or contemporary. Install them over the kitchen island, the sink, and the breakfast corner. However, make sure to keep only one lighting fixture as the showstopper of your room. Treat the other ceiling lights as the supporting characters that help highlight the centrepiece.

There are a few other small changes that can give your space an instant facelift without a full renovation project, especially when you have a limited budget. Change your flooring, hardware, sink, and faucets in accordance with the style you desire. We hope you find these ideas useful. Try some of them in your kitchen and enhance the aesthetic and functional efficiency of the space.

If you’re looking for a high-quality kitchen renovation in Vaughan, Brampton or Toronto, contact a reputed kitchen design company that has extensive years of experience in the industry.

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