4 elements of a perfect commercial kitchen

4 elements of a perfect commercial kitchen

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The perfect commercial kitchen is functional, productive and safe. When you make the most of your space with the right equipment, the workflow is improved, which is a great advantage for your business.

Planning is essential in order to avoid future maintenance problems, keep up with kitchen’s regulations and have everything you need to work smoothly.

However, there are so many details that it’s convenient to have a list of priorities to create your perfect commercial kitchen. Here’s how you can begin to plan.

  1. Refrigeration

The refrigeration area is one of the most frequently used for food preparation and conserving. A great way to optimize your space is to use counter freezers and fridges. They can add more space to the preparation station, helping you to improve the productivity of your kitchen.

  1. Ventilation

Ventilation is a must since commercial kitchen’s regulations are very strict about this subject. According to the HSE, an independent regulator of the UK government, an effective ventilation system is able to:

  • keep air movement in the kitchen, avoiding an excess of hot air and providing enough air for complete combustion at fired appliances
  • be easily cleaned, so fat residues won’t block the air inlets of the ventilation equipment
  • work without vibrating and producing noise
  1. Ovens, fryers and grills

You need to consider your demand, the type of food will cook and the existing structure of your kitchen to choose the oven that best suits your needs.

For example, if you will have a high delivery frequency, a combination oven may be a better choice. This type of oven can cook a larger quantity of food.

Another important aspect is choosing between gas and electric oven. Before purchasing anything, it’s interesting to check which type of fuel your kitchen supports.

Fryers and grills are also very helpful to prepare fast meals such as fries, seasoned steak, hamburgers and pork chops. Just like the oven, there are many options to select: portable versus built-in, charcoal, gas or electric, low, medium and high production rate.

  1. Prep station and sink

It’s a good idea to place the prep station or work table between the food storage and the cooking area so that your kitchen follows the workflow’s logic. The size of the prep station will depend a lot on your cooking demand and available space.

The material of table must be chosen considering your kitchen conditions such as humidity. One example of a material that normally works for every situation is stainless steel since it has high durability and is easy to clean.

A sink close to the prep table can be very helpful, as dishes get dirty very frequently. And to avoid contamination, it’s wise to have a separate hand wash basin.

Get help from professionals

So now that you know the 4 elements of a perfect kitchen, the next step is to get help from professionals. Why?

Because a professional can save your time and help you choose the equipment’s that are suitable for your business and that fit your budget.

In this case, DawnVale Group is the right choice. They have years of experience helping business’ owners getting efficiency without losing quality. Their services include the design, manufacture and installation of commercial kitchens, especially with low energy and theatre style. Check their amazing work at the DawnVale website and get your perfect commercial kitchen!

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