24 Tips to Improve Your Home

Improve Your Home

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We all want our house to look like magazines. Sometimes the desire to change something is so strong that you’re ready to stop what you’re doing and start moving all the furniture. Actually, you do not necessarily have to do exhausting renovation work, or change all the furniture in the place. Sometimes it is enough to know simple tricks to give a blow to your spaces.

Sympa-sympa.com has brought together interesting ideas that can inspire you to create the home of your dreams.

1. Mirrors visually enlarge the space

The mirrors on the cabinet doors will help refresh the interior and visually enlarge the space. You can see the process of creating mirrored doors here .

2. Transform your mirror into a decorative element

With a rope and glue, you can turn an ordinary mirror to a plastic frame into a stylized decorative element. Look here how to do.

3. Organizer hanging on the wall: practical and pretty

It will help you save space and it will be an excellent decorative object in your bathroom. Look at the instructions on this  blog .

4. Lampshade

You can change your old lampshade and replace it with a brand new one, with a lot of style. Look at the instructions here to do it in origami. And  here , more similar ideas for creative lampshades.

5. Stamping on the curtains to give another ambiance

You can renovate the ambiance by adding a stamping to monochromatic curtains. The instructions are here .

6. Curtains suspended just below the ceiling give the impression of large windows

If you hang the curtains closer to the ceiling, not the windowsills, they will look bigger than they actually are.

7. A long curtain will give more space to your bathroom

It’s the same tip as the windows, but this time for the shower. The roof will look higher.

8. Hang curtains on unusual support

An original curtain holder will change the style of your home: only good taste. Look here for window decoration ideas.

9. Accessories to give your curtains a more original look

You will be able to give a special touch to your windows. Look at other creative ideas to decorate your curtains here and  here .

10. New drawer buttons will change the look of your furniture

You do not need to change the furniture to renovate the interior. Sometimes you only have to change a few details to give a whole new piece of the room.

11. Framed the TV

A TV screen will do great in your living room if you use frames. Look at some ideas here .

12. Cover the wires

To hide the TV wires, you can use a cornice to shower. Look at the instructions here .

13. A cable as a decorative element

You can also integrate the cables inside, here is the explanation.

14. Stylish headboard

Here you will find step- by- step instructions for making a superb headboard.

15. Bed skylight with curtains

You can use curtain holders to create a four-poster bed and make your dreams come true. Here is the bed of dreams of a New York designer .

16. Sliding drawers will allow you to store lots of objects

The drawers under the bed allow you to have more space and to store lots of objects so that everything is in order in your room. You will find instructions here .

17. You can paint your linoleum

You will be able to give it a new youth: you just have to paint the surface with big lines that contrast. Here you will find instructions for renovating your floor.

18. The dark roof gives depth

Ceilings painted in dark colors will give depth and elegance to your room, provided the walls are clear. Look at more photos of this house with beautiful color combinations.

19. A framed mirror looks more luxurious

If you frame your mirror, you will give an original appearance to your bathroom. Look herehow to do.

20. Camouflages plugs and switches

Old plugs and switches can be integrated into the decoration if you decorate them with adhesive paper, mosaics or other objects. Look here and  here all the possibilities.

21. “Gold” is very elegant.

To give a sophisticated look to your furniture, painted gold details, rather matte, are perfect. To learn more, check out this blog .

22. A wall painted in a strong color is a good idea

For your room to be more fresh and modern, decorate or bring out one of the walls.

23. Illusion of high ceilings thanks to colors

It is possible to create the illusion of higher ceilings by painting the walls without reaching the end, as in these photos .

24. Folded bed

Looking for a great home improvement project? Consult with a renovation contractor to go over your home renovation needs.

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