Top Five Bathroom Trends of 2018

bathroom remodeling

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7,790 total views, 578 views today While many home improvement projects involve transforming a bedroom or kitchen, research shows that bathroom renovations are a growing trend this year. According to, 25% of homeowners reported that they intend to remodel their bathrooms by the end of 2018. From creating a spa-like feel to integrating smart technology, homeowners are being creative when it comes to main baths and powder rooms. There are many effective ways to refresh your bathroom using simple design tactics and accent pieces. This blog article provides you with the…

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How Central Heating Can Benefit Your Home Today

best central heating in Kidderminster

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5,384 total views, 249 views today When it moves to that part of the year where everything starts to get a little bit chilly, the last thing any homeowner wants is a house that’s even colder than the outdoors. Adding a central heating unit to your home is a great way to avoid this problem and working with an expert heating specialist will guarantee that you get the perfect unit for your home. Don’t let your home fall into the cold. Keep everything warm and toasty by finding an expert central heating…

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7 Interesting Facts about Wall Insulation.

7 Interesting Facts about Wall Insulation

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13,618 total views, 578 views today It is a widely known fact that insulation is very helpful in saving the amount of energy we use at home and hence reducing our energy bills significantly. In the UK, the biggest percentage of the energy used in a typical home goes to heating and cooling of houses. Therefore, anybody who is out to significantly cut down on energy costs should aim at reducing the amount of energy that goes into heating and cooling of their home, as the most obvious beginning point. Insulation is…

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Can I paint my laminate countertops?

I paint my laminate countertops

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17,222 total views, 578 views today The kitchen countertops play a major role in how the kitchen looks. If you have dated or damaged laminate countertops in Vancouver, you can repaint them and rejuvenate the look of your kitchen. You can also fix any scratches, dents and dings in your countertops too. This might be a good idea if you want to refresh your kitchen to sell your home, but don’t have a countertop replacement in the budget. Countertop refinishing kits. You can purchase a preassembled kit to help you with your…

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