JCE Chalon sur Saône: “Is it urgent to slow down

Is it urgent to slow down

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8,274 total views, 5 views today The result of more than a year’s work, the 100% eco-citizen action of the JCE of Chalon sur Saône wants to enable the citizens of this Burgundy territory to appropriate the economic model of the circular economy in an innovative way And relevant. In a context of scarcity of resources, combined with the law of “always more, always faster”, the current mode of consumption has been put into reflection to find not “the” solution to better consume but “simple” axes Among them: learning to consume just…

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JCE Reims: Waste, real green nuggets!

Waste, real green nuggets

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8,224 total views, 5 views today With regard to the valorization of bio-waste, there is still more to do … It is this observation that prompted the Junior Chamber of Economy of Reims to act, at the dawn of the entry into force, in 2016, texts of Law on the valorization of bio-waste. The thresholds for the application of these texts will concern many establishments of collective and traditional catering, responsible for the production of thousands of tons of bio-waste per year on the re-settled agglomeration. With its action “Green Pépite”, the…

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