In Singapore, Domestic Workers Treated As Goods

domestic workers

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154 total views, no views today In Singapore, the promos apply to everything, even to human beings. The sentence looks like a bad joke, but it is all the more serious for Al Jazeera. This summer, a report by the Qatari channel has created scandal in the island by denouncing the methods of “selling” employment agencies of domestic workers, young women mostly coming from poor Asian countries like the Philippines, Myanmar or Indonesia. Since then, the question of the living conditions and recruitment of these young women, called “maids” or “helpers”,…

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Zoom On The 90 Most Beautiful Houses of Singapore Spotted On Houzz

90 most beautiful houses of Singapore

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162 total views, no views today The majority of Singapore’s inhabitants live in tall buildings, as the land available for construction is concentrated on an island of 718 kmĀ². But when they build houses or renovate their apartments, they do splurge in design. Here is a selection of the most beautiful singaporean realizations on Houzz: from the lounge of a sunny penthouse to an elegant modern house refreshed by pools, going through a house built around a courtyard and a centenary tree … AD Lab 1. Andrew Road, Caldecott RichardHO Architects…

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